Advanced Health Monitoring Features in Apple Watch Face Delays


Apple’s innovative approach to health monitoring has set the Apple Watch apart from its competitors. However, the anticipated launch of advanced health features, such as blood pressure monitoring and sleep apnea detection, faces significant delays. Despite ongoing rumors and high expectations, these features are unlikely to be available in the Apple Watch Series 10 or Apple Watch Ultra 3.

Blood Pressure Monitoring Challenges

For years, rumors have circulated about Apple incorporating blood pressure monitoring into its smartwatches. The excitement was particularly high for the Apple Watch Series 10. Unfortunately, according to a recent Bloomberg report, Apple has encountered substantial technical difficulties that have stalled the development of this feature.

The primary challenge lies in achieving reliable and accurate measurements of high blood pressure, known as hypertension. Sources indicate that Apple’s current technology for monitoring hypertension has not met the company’s stringent standards for reliability. Additionally, the new design of the Apple Watch Series 10 has posed further complications, raising concerns about the functionality of the blood pressure monitoring feature under the new configuration.

Limitations in Blood Pressure Monitoring

Even if Apple manages to overcome the technical hurdles, the proposed system will not provide full blood pressure readings. Instead, it will monitor the user’s blood pressure relative to an established baseline and only alert users when their blood pressure is higher than usual. This limited functionality falls short of providing comprehensive blood pressure insights that many users might expect.

Sleep Apnea Detection Obstacles

The sleep apnea detection feature has also faced significant setbacks. Unlike the blood pressure monitoring challenges, the issues here are not purely technical. Apple’s ongoing legal battle with Masimo Corp over blood oxygen saturation detection technology has severely hampered the development of this feature.

For sleep apnea detection to work effectively, the Apple Watch needs to measure blood oxygen levels accurately. The lawsuit with Masimo has restricted Apple’s ability to use this critical technology, complicating the integration of sleep apnea monitoring. As a result, unless Apple resolves the legal dispute or finds an alternative solution, this feature is unlikely to debut with the next generation of Apple Watches.

Potential Workarounds

There is speculation that Apple might include the technology for blood pressure and sleep apnea monitoring in the Apple Watch Series 10 but keep it disabled at launch. This strategy would allow Apple to activate these features later, contingent on resolving the current issues and legal constraints.

Glucose Monitoring: A Long-Term Goal

Another highly anticipated health feature is glucose monitoring. This technology has been rumored and in development for nearly a decade. Unlike blood pressure and sleep apnea monitoring, glucose monitoring faces an entirely different set of challenges. The primary difficulty lies in developing a non-invasive method to measure glucose levels accurately, as current methods require direct blood access.

Despite these challenges, recent reports indicate that Apple has made significant progress in its glucose monitoring technology. While this is a positive sign, it is still unclear when or if this feature will be available in future Apple Watch models.


The delays in introducing advanced health monitoring features like blood pressure and sleep apnea detection highlight the complexities and challenges Apple faces in pioneering new health technologies. While these features are not expected to appear in the upcoming Apple Watch Series 10 or Apple Watch Ultra 3, the company’s continued efforts and recent advancements indicate a promising future for these innovations.

As Apple navigates these roadblocks, users can look forward to eventual breakthroughs that will further enhance the health monitoring capabilities of the Apple Watch, solidifying its position as a leader in wearable health technology.

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