Microsoft Expands its Reach with ‘Volumetric Apps’ for Meta

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In a groundbreaking move announced at its annual Build conference, Microsoft revealed plans to introduce “Windows Volumetric Apps” to Meta Quest headsets. This innovative partnership between Microsoft and Meta aims to seamlessly integrate Windows 365 and local PC connectivity into Quest headsets, offering developers the opportunity to extend their applications into the dynamic realm of 3D space.

Deepening the Partnership:

During the event, Microsoft’s Corporate Vice President of Windows and Devices, Pavan Davuluri, underscored the significance of this collaboration, stating, “We’re deepening our partnership with Meta to make Windows a first-class experience on Quest devices.” This strategic alignment aims to leverage Quest’s unique capabilities to extend the functionality of Windows apps into the immersive landscape of 3D.

Access to Developer Preview:

Developers keen to explore the possibilities of this integration can now sign up for the developer preview, granting them access to a specialized “volumetric API.” Microsoft promises that this extension will empower users to enrich their spatial understanding without ever leaving the application powering their work.

Targeting Developers:

The sign-up page specifically targets developers who either create 3D Windows desktop applications or offer plugins for such applications. Additionally, Microsoft seeks out customers already engaged with 3D applications on Windows desktops, inviting them to explore the potential of extending their applications into 3D content through mixed reality.

Collaborative Ventures:

This initiative builds upon existing collaborative efforts between Microsoft and Meta. Notably, the companies are working together to develop a limited edition Meta Quest VR headset, drawing inspiration from the iconic Xbox brand. Furthermore, Microsoft has already introduced Microsoft 365 productivity experiences, including Word, Excel, and PowerPoint, to the Quest platform, underscoring its commitment to enhancing user experiences across diverse environments.


As Microsoft pioneers the integration of “Volumetric Apps” into Meta Quest headsets, it heralds a new era of immersive computing experiences. By bridging the gap between traditional Windows applications and the dynamic world of 3D, this partnership promises to unlock innovative possibilities for developers and users alike. With the developer preview now available, the journey towards harnessing the full potential of mixed reality in everyday computing has officially begun.

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