Ensuring Safe Driving: Google Maps Brings Speedometer and Speed Limits to iPhone Users Across the Globe


Google Maps, known for its comprehensive navigation features, is expanding its functionality on iOS and Apple CarPlay with the introduction of a long-awaited feature: the speedometer and speed limits. Initially launched on Android over five years ago, this update aims to provide iPhone users globally with essential tools to ensure safer and law-abiding driving experiences.

Google Maps Rolling Out Speedometer and Speed Limits on iPhone Globally

After years of anticipation, Google has begun rolling out the speedometer and speed limits features to iPhone users worldwide. This enhancement, previously spotted in India and now confirmed by Google, allows drivers to monitor their vehicle’s speed directly within the Google Maps app.

How to Enable Speedometer and Speed Limits

Enabling these features on your iPhone is straightforward. Navigate to your Google Maps app, tap on your profile picture, and go to Settings > Navigation > Driving options. Once activated, the speedometer displays your current speed in miles or kilometers per hour, depending on your region. The speed limits feature complements this by adjusting the color of the speed indicator to remind drivers to stay within legal speed limits.

Understanding the Features

It’s important to note that Google emphasizes the speedometer is for informational purposes only. Drivers should always rely on their vehicle’s built-in speedometer for precise speed readings while driving.

Evolution of the Feature

Initially launched on Android in 2019, Google’s speedometer and speed limits feature quickly expanded from select markets to over 40 countries within a year. This move underscores Google’s commitment to enhancing user safety and driving experiences across different regions.

Benefits of Enhanced Driving Features

The introduction of these features on iPhone not only promotes safer driving habits but also helps drivers avoid potential speeding tickets. By providing real-time speed information and visual reminders of speed limits, Google Maps empowers users to make informed decisions while on the road.

Global Accessibility and User Convenience

The global rollout ensures that iPhone users worldwide can now benefit from these critical safety features. Whether navigating local roads or unfamiliar highways, drivers can rely on Google Maps to provide accurate speed-related information at a glance.

Safety and Legal Considerations

While the speedometer feature enhances user safety, Google advises drivers to always adhere to local traffic laws and use these tools responsibly. This approach aligns with Google’s broader commitment to supporting safe driving practices globally.


Google Maps bring speedometer and speed limits globally

Google Maps‘ introduction of the speedometer and speed limits features on iPhone represents a significant step forward in enhancing driving safety and user experience. By integrating these tools into its widely-used navigation platform, Google continues to prioritize user safety while navigating roads around the world.

In conclusion, the rollout of Google Maps‘ speedometer and speed limits features on iPhone marks a milestone in promoting safer driving practices globally. As technology evolves, these enhancements underscore the importance of leveraging digital tools to improve road safety and enhance user convenience.

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