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Google Photos Adds Free Google Magic Editor for All

Google is making waves with the expansion of its Google Magic Editor and other AI-powered tools to a wider audience.

Initially exclusive to the Pixel 8 and 8 Pro, these powerful photo editing features are now rolling out to older Pixel models and will soon be available to all Android and iOS users

Google Magic Editor Capabilities

The Google Magic Editor expansion brings an array of advanced photo editing features to a broader audience. This tool allows users to move, resize, or erase parts of a photo and apply contextual presets such as Sky, Golden hour, and Stylized. The user-friendly interface features a pulsating Magic Editor button in the bottom-left corner when editing an image. Users can tap, circle, or brush to select areas for editing, and zooming in helps with precision.

As part of the Google Magic Editor expansion, Google Photos announced that this tool, along with other AI-powered features, will be free for all Android and iOS users with certain constraints. Starting this month, all users will receive 10 Magic Editor library saves per month. To make additional edits, a Google One Premium (2+TB) subscription is required, or users must own a Pixel device. The hardware requirements for Android include OS 8.0 or higher, 4GB of RAM, and a 64-bit chipset.

Additional AI Tools Now Free

In addition to Google Magic Editor, Google is also making several other AI tools available for free to all Google Photos users. These tools include:

  • Magic Eraser: Easily remove unwanted objects from photos.
  • Unblur: Sharpen blurry images for clearer results.
  • Sky Suggestions: Enhance skies in your photos with various effects.
  • Color Pop: Highlight colors while keeping the background black and white.
  • HDR Effect: Apply high dynamic range effects to photos and videos.
  • Portrait Blur: Blur backgrounds in portrait shots for a professional look.
  • Portrait Light: Add or balance light in portrait photos.
  • Cinematic Photos: Create dynamic, moving images.
  • Styles in Collage Editor: Apply different styles to photo collages.
  • Video Effects: Add effects to enhance your videos.

Rollout Timeline:
Google announced the rollout of these features on May 15, and there are already reports of Pixel owners gaining access. The Google Magic Editor expansion will continue over the coming months, gradually making these tools available to a broader audience.

Google One and Other Changes

Previously, many of these AI tools were accessible only to Google One subscribers. However, with the Google Magic Editor expansion, Google is making strategic changes to its offerings, including the removal of VPN services by Google One in June. These changes reflect Google’s commitment to enhancing user experience by providing more free tools while optimizing its subscription services.


The Google Magic Editor expansion and the availability of other AI-powered tools mark a significant step in making advanced photo editing accessible to more users. By rolling out these features to older Pixel models and offering them for free to all Android and iOS users, Google is democratizing photo editing and enhancing the capabilities of Google Photos. With these tools, users can now easily create stunning, professional-quality images and videos directly from their smartphones. The phased rollout ensures a smooth transition, promising exciting new possibilities for mobile photography and video editing enthusiasts.

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