iOS 18 Introduces Enhanced Security: Lock Apps Behind Face ID


iOS 18 is set to revolutionize iPhone security with a new feature that allows users to lock individual apps using Face ID. According to sources familiar with the matter, this innovative feature will provide an additional layer of privacy and security for iPhone users.

With the introduction of iOS 18, users will be able to lock built-in apps such as Mail, Messages, Notes, Phone, Photos, Safari, and Settings. This new functionality ensures that sensitive information within these apps remains secure. To unlock an app, users will need to authenticate using Face ID. It is expected that this feature will also be compatible with Touch ID or an iPhone’s passcode, offering flexible security options.

Apple has previously allowed certain types of content to be secured behind Face ID, Touch ID, or a passcode, including notes in the Notes app and photos in the “Recently Deleted” and “Hidden” albums in the Photos app. The new iOS 18 feature, however, goes a step further by enabling users to lock entire apps, regardless of the overall lock status of the iPhone. This enhancement signifies a significant advancement in app-specific security measures.

Simplifying Security with Built-in Options in iOS 18

Currently, iPhone users have devised ways to lock apps using Screen Time or Shortcuts, but these methods can be cumbersome and not always intuitive. With iOS 18, such workarounds will no longer be necessary, as app locking will be a straightforward, integrated feature. This ease of use is expected to be a major draw for users who prioritize their digital privacy.

Apple is expected to unveil iOS 18 during its Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) keynote on Monday. Following the keynote, the first iOS 18 beta is likely to be made available immediately to members of the Apple Developer Program. A wider release of the update is anticipated in September, bringing this enhanced security feature to all compatible iPhone models.

What About Third-Party Apps?

One question that remains is whether this new security feature will extend to third-party apps available from the App Store. While the initial reports focus on built-in iPhone apps, the potential for third-party app locking could offer even greater security across a wider range of applications. As we await further details, the prospect of comprehensive app locking in iOS 18 is an exciting development for iPhone users.

The addition of app locking behind Face ID in iOS 18 represents a significant step forward in smartphone security. By offering an intuitive, integrated solution for securing individual apps, Apple continues to demonstrate its commitment to user privacy. As we look forward to the official announcement and subsequent rollout of iOS 18, this new feature is sure to be a highlight for users seeking enhanced security on their devices.

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