Meta’s New Instagram Feature “Peek” Draws Inspiration from BeReal and Snapchat

Meta is once again taking cues from its competitors by developing a new feature for Instagram called “Peek.” This latest addition borrows elements from BeReal’s focus on authenticity and Snapchat’s ephemeral content. Peek allows users to post genuine, unedited photos that can only be viewed once, aiming to blend the strengths of these popular platforms.

The Concept Behind Instagram Peek

Meta New Instagram Feature “Peek” Draws Inspiration from BeReal and Snapchat

Peek is designed to create a more fleeting version of Instagram Stories, which are available for 24 hours. Unlike Stories, a Peek photo must be taken in the moment, as users won’t be able to upload images from their camera roll. This feature ensures that the content remains authentic and spontaneous, much like BeReal’s unfiltered approach. Additionally, photos shared via Peek cannot be edited or filtered, further emphasizing raw, real-time content.

Peek seems to be a more flexible iteration of Instagram’s Candid Stories, which began testing in 2022 as a direct response to BeReal. Candid Stories prompted users to share unedited photos at specific times each day, mirroring BeReal’s model. However, Candid Stories never saw a full rollout to all users. Peek, on the other hand, offers users the freedom to share authentic moments at their discretion, without the pressure of a scheduled notification.

The introduction of Peek comes at a time when there is a growing demand for more genuine content on social media. Many users are moving away from heavily curated feeds and are seeking platforms that encourage real, everyday moments. BeReal capitalized on this trend, but recent reports suggest that its popularity may be waning—a claim the company disputes. Regardless, Instagram’s flexible approach with Peek could attract users who want to share spontaneous content without adhering to a specific timer.

Instagram’s Strategic Move

Meta New Instagram Feature “Peek” Draws Inspiration from BeReal and Snapchat

Instagram confirmed to TechCrunch that Peek is currently an internal prototype and not yet available for external testing. The feature was first identified by reverse engineer Alessandro Paluzzi, who shared screenshots revealing its functionality. Instagram views Peek as a way to “share little moments with the people you love,” hoping it will encourage users to post more varied content.

As with any prototype, it remains uncertain when or if Peek will be officially launched. Should Instagram decide to release Peek, the feature might undergo changes or even a name rebrand. Nevertheless, Peek represents Meta’s continued strategy of integrating successful concepts from rival platforms to enhance Instagram’s appeal.


Meta’s development of Peek highlights the company’s ongoing efforts to stay competitive by adopting and adapting popular features from other social media platforms. By offering a new way for users to share authentic, ephemeral content, Instagram hopes to meet the evolving desires of its audience and reinforce its position in the social media landscape. Whether Peek will become a permanent fixture on Instagram remains to be seen, but it certainly reflects Meta’s commitment to innovation and user engagement.

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