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Twitter X Unveils Ad Revenue Sharing Program to Benefit Users

Twitter X ad revenue sharing program

X recently launched its “Ad Revenue Sharing program”, allowing eligible creators to receive a portion of the ad revenue generated from their content. According to posts by Twitter X owner Elon Musk, the program aims to distribute a total of $5 million in the first round of payments, which would be cumulative from February onwards.

Credit: X

Several creators reported receiving substantial payouts, ranging from five to six figures. To qualify, users must subscribe to Blue (formerly Twitter Blue) or Verified Organizations and have “at least 15M impressions on their cumulative posts in the past 3 months” (as explained on the creator program website). Additionally, users must have a minimum of 500 followers.

Verified creators on X are now able to receive a share of the ad revenue.

X introduces a monetization strategy for ads displayed in creators’ post replies to determine payouts, excluding ads from the main X timeline. This approach incentivizes creators to share content that sparks engaging conversations.

To maintain a safer environment, X has set guidelines, disallowing sexual content, violence, criminal behaviours, gambling, drugs, alcohol, and “get-rich schemes.” Moreover, creators cannot attempt to monetize copyrighted content they don’t own.

With today’s announcement, the program becomes globally accessible to eligible creators, aiming to make X the premier platform on the internet for earning a living as a creator. In a post shared by the official X account, they express their commitment to reward creators for their hard work in this initial step.

CEO Linda Yaccarino has declared this an “absolute game changer” for X’s creators.

Alongside the global launch, Elon Musk tweeted a chart revealing that X’s monthly user count achieved a new peak in 2023, even after implementing measures to remove bots—a continuous process rather than a one-time event.

The chart depicts X, formerly known as Twitter, reaching a point with 541.5 million monthly users; however, it lacks labels to indicate specific months. Musk’s criteria for determining “monthly usage” remain ambiguous in comparison to the industry standard MAU (monthly active user).

It’s worth noting that the chart’s data differs from information shared by others who rely on third-party measurement tools. For instance, Cloudflare CEO Matthew Prince recently highlighted a decline in traffic to the Twitter domain. Similarweb also reported decreases in Twitter traffic coinciding with the launch of Threads.