Reddit Going to Disable Gold Awards Program

Reddit killing golden reward program

They will still be able to spend their existing coins, but the awards system will no longer be available. Reddit is also planning to disable the gold awards feature on July 6. Triggering protests, Reddit has announced another change that has angered its users – sunsetting its coins and awards system.

Although the platform is working on a new rewards system, they have not provided any details on when it could launch. Starting today, users will no longer be able to purchase new coins, although they can still spend their existing coins. The awards feature will be disabled on July 6.

Reddit will continue to offer all awards and coins until September 12, 2023. The company is making this change to simplify its platform, as users have expressed that they don’t appreciate the “clutter” from awards and all the steps required to award content.

Reddit is currently working to revamp its rewards system, though no details have been provided yet about what the new system might look like.

The company has determined that the current system of awards and coins requires re-evaluation and will be retired. We will continue to reward content and contribution, though perhaps not in the same way. We will provide further information in the upcoming months about what this new system will entail.

Reddit introduces Reddit Gold, which then evolves into Reddit Silver, Platinum, Ternium and Argentium. Users can now view these awards as little icons on posts on the platform.

There are over 50 types of awards available. Reddit also plans to reveal a new system for awarding in the near future, allowing users to reward high-quality contributions on the platform.

The company aims to create a simpler, easier-to-use and easier-to-understand system. However, the decision to sunset its current rewards system before the revamped one has been launched has left users disgruntled, with one user commenting, “Killing features without replacements ready, yep sounds like Reddit to me,” under the company’s announcement post.

Another user commented, “You are removing a popular feature and yet charging the same amount for premium.” Reddit’s announcement has been met with outcry since they announced their plan to charge developers for access to the API.

Multiple subreddits and moderators have publicly expressed their disapproval of the move, while Reddit CEO Steve Huffman has continuously defended the company’s decision.

No new changes to the API pricing structure seem likely.

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