Tether Invests $100 Million in Bitdeer with Potential for $50 Million More

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Tether’s Major Investment in Bitdeer

In a significant move within the cryptocurrency industry, stablecoin giant Tether has announced an investment of up to $150 million in bitcoin mining company Bitdeer. This strategic investment highlights Tether’s growing interest in the bitcoin mining sector and its commitment to supporting the infrastructure that powers the broader crypto economy. Tether Invests $100 Million in Bitdeer and potentially they will invest $50M more.

According to an announcement made on Friday, Bitdeer entered into a subscription agreement for the private placement of 18,587,360 Class A ordinary shares. This transaction generated $100 million in proceeds. Additionally, the agreement includes a warrant allowing Tether to purchase an extra 5 million shares at $10 each, which could bring in an additional $50 million if fully exercised. This could potentially increase the total investment to $150 million.

Purpose of the Investment

Bitdeer, based in Singapore, plans to utilize the proceeds from this investment to fund the expansion of its data centers and the development of ASIC-based mining rigs. These advancements are crucial for enhancing the efficiency and capacity of their bitcoin mining operations. The injection of capital will enable Bitdeer to scale its infrastructure and technology, thereby strengthening its position in the competitive bitcoin mining market.

Impact on Bitdeer’s Market Performance

Following the announcement of Tether’s investment, Bitdeer’s shares saw a significant increase, jumping over 4% to $6.08 in pre-market trading. This positive market response reflects investor confidence in Bitdeer’s growth prospects and the potential benefits of Tether’s involvement.

Tether’s Strategic Expansion

Tether, known for developing the world’s largest stablecoin, USDT, has recently restructured into four distinct divisions to better align with its broader interests in the cryptocurrency ecosystem. One of these divisions is specifically dedicated to investments in bitcoin mining. This restructuring indicates Tether’s strategic intent to diversify and deepen its involvement in various facets of the crypto economy, beyond just stablecoin issuance.

Bitdeer’s strategic focus on expanding its data centers and developing advanced mining rigs positions it well to capitalize on the growing demand for bitcoin mining. Data centers play a pivotal role in supporting the computational power required for mining activities, while ASIC-based mining rigs are essential for efficient and high-performance bitcoin mining operations. By investing in these areas, Bitdeer aims to enhance its operational capabilities and drive sustainable growth.

Tether’s investment in Bitdeer underscores the importance of infrastructure development in the cryptocurrency industry. As the demand for bitcoin continues to rise, the need for robust and efficient mining operations becomes increasingly critical. Tether’s financial backing provides Bitdeer with the necessary resources to expand its infrastructure, adopt cutting-edge technologies, and improve its overall mining efficiency.

The collaboration between Tether and Bitdeer is poised to have significant implications for the cryptocurrency mining sector. Tether’s investment not only boosts Bitdeer’s capacity to expand and innovate but also signals a growing trend of major crypto companies investing in mining infrastructure. This trend is likely to contribute to the overall stability and resilience of the bitcoin network by ensuring that mining operations are well-funded and technologically advanced.


Tether’s $100 million investment in Bitdeer, with an option to increase it to $150 million, marks a strategic move to support the development and expansion of bitcoin mining infrastructure. This partnership highlights Tether’s commitment to fostering the growth of the cryptocurrency ecosystem and underscores the critical role of infrastructure in sustaining the bitcoin network. As Bitdeer leverages this investment to enhance its data centers and mining rig capabilities, the collaboration is set to drive significant advancements in the efficiency and scalability of bitcoin mining operations.

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